What is Keyword?

Keywords are the those phrases or words which internet users searches on a search engine on Google, in order to find the websites which match what they are looking for. There are many keywords which get hundreds of thousands of unique searches in a day while other just gets a couple of hundred. There are many words which are highly trafficked keywords which are really competitive online because most of the businesses are trying to get referrals and traffic from users of those keywords and others are not.

It is important to understand two basic principles which are competition and traffic.


competition refers to the number of other sites trying to rank well for a particular keyword.


Traffic refers to the number of people searches for a particular keyword each single day.

Importance of Keywords

Keywords are the words through which a particular website is ranked online. Key words play a pivotal role for business websites as it drives targeted traffic for your business for free. If, done well using the right and appropriate keywords can skyrocket your business to sales success online.

When choosing a keyword for a business it is important to put time and thought for researching keywords. There are some good research tools online which can help you research a keyword relevant to your business, such as Google Key Word Research Tool and Word Trackers, these tools are very helpful for getting insights about how many users on web are searching for a particular keyword and also provides a realistic sense of what keywords a person should be using on your website and how efficaciously they would be marketing your site online.

While refining things there are two more important terms:


Short Tail Keywords consists of 1-3 words.
Examples include: Acne, Weight Loss, Beauty Tips, Weight Loss Tips.


Specific key words which are usually 3 words or longer
Examples include: How to make money through websites, How to Treat Acne, Symptoms of Heart Attack.

People will not stumble and wander to your site only. There is a lot more competition online and if you don’t have the right and appropriate keyword you won’t rank you would not be able to rank well for anything related to your website, and people would not look up for it. No matter what content you website contains keywords always matters.

There are two main terms which should also be made to consideration:


Pos are essentially important as it is ranking of a particular keyword in Google search i.e, position of a keyword. If a word is at No.1 position if it’s the first result that Google will show. If it is No.3 then it’s the third result that Google shows.


Volume tells a roughly figure of how many people searching for a particular word in a month. This is an important aspect as it will tell you for particular keyword that people are searching for it or not.