Social Media Marketing is basically the usage of websites and applications to enable the people to connect globally in order to share information or to participate in social networking. Social networking websites allow users to create their own profile page and interact with other users while building their own networks or contacts. Many social networking websites allow users to blog, post videos, photos, etc. some of the famous social networking sites are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

Social media is a vital element for OXIC TECH. It is an art of producing traffic to site in order to generate business through an online social group, and it helps to build important business contacts and to run a business on the internet with reputation. It is a simple and low-cost way to increase sales. Using social media marketing by OXIC TECH which helps the company to bring many people to the site which will help for link building so that can get good ranking in search engines which will eventually increase the site popularity by bringing potential customers to a niche area.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media marketing services provided by the social media marketing company named OXIC TECH. The prime goal of the social media marketing company is to keep you have a total control over your messages across various social media networks and help you understand your own unique business challenges and objectives. Some of the social media marketing services are as follows:

Social Consultancy: Is to develop a social strategy based on your goals.

Brand Management: finding and securing the appropriate usernames and profiles across the channels. And to bring potential customers in order to brand your products.

Creative Discussion: services that create fast and reactive updates to hit the spark to make the brand coverage outside the industry.

Reporting and analysis: Social media reporting will help you identify and inform future activity not only in a social circle but outside the marketing channel.

Social Media Monitoring: The service helps you identify the people who are talking about you on social media and what are they saying and whether it is positive or not.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing used by OXIC TECH for promoting and creating brand awareness using the internet. The advantages of such marketing are that it is used globally and it’s not costly even. Using such marketing you can easily reach more customer than ever before.

Digital Marketing Services

The services provided by OXIC TECH are as follows

Search Engine Optimization: SEO Services used in OXIC TECH depends on many factors and algorithms created by search engines. SEO take good time and efforts.

Search Engine Marketing: Promoting the company’s website by increasing their visibility into search engines.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns: OXIC TECH is using it to increase brand awareness and business leads.

Pay per Click Marketing: OXIC TECH implemented PPC using these programs Google Adwords, Bing Ads. Which is very fast and effective marketing.

The company has many social media experts to carry out such activities, in order to brand their services. As the Company OXIC TECH is paying well enough to their employees which are basically social media marketing experts as through their efforts and teamwork, Company is achieving its goals and targets by increasing sales.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has three tools (pages, ads, and groups) which are being used by the OXIC TECH. Each of these options has its own purpose and they can be combined for greater reach. The company having a large number of Facebook marketers that reach people by advertising or non-advertising avenues.

Facebook Marketing Services

The services provided by the Facebook marketing company named OXIC TECH are as follows

Page customization: The page is customized to your business, including profile and images.

Optimization of Page: An optimized page that can easily found on search engines and attract users.

One to one training session: Maximum help and recommendations are provided to make most out of your Facebook presence.


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